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on Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Save taking too long in Joomla? Using JSitemap Pro? Read on!

We came across a really interesting bug this week which had us completely stumped ... on several client sites in their live environments, suddenly when they were saving articles in both core Joomla and K2, it was taking an extremely long time to save (10+ minutes in some cases!).  If you cancelled, the article had actually been saved, but it seemed to be waiting for something. 

The first thing we usually check is to see if we can reproduce the bug in our development environments, and we weren't able to reproduce it anywhere except for the live environment.  Now, if this was just one server, or two servers with the same architecture/infrastructure then maybe we could track it to a server configuration change or update, but in this case there were no commonalities between the sites.

Scratching your head yet?  So were we!

Then, this evening a serendipitous moment occurred. I was doing some updates on our own website, and I noticed one of our extensions was out of date.  One of the more useful extension update notifications that I have seen, it actually told me what the new version fixed, and why I should update:

Your current version of this extension is outdated. A new release 4.3.3 is available to download on our store at http://storejextensions.org. The version 4.3.3 is a mantainance release to fix remote auto pinging services that could lead to slowdown saving articles and includes an update for SEO stats"

Hmmmmm, that sounds familiar!

It turned out that JSitemap Pro - the extension we use on all our Joomla sites to deploy sitemaps - had a bug with the autoping feature which was causing a slow-down in saving articles.  If you don't know what auto-ping is, it's a pretty neat feature of JSitemap:

JSitemap Professional Edition offers functionalities to realise an Inversion of Control principle for indexing your site.

While up to now you had to wait for search engines to come and crawl your site in a passive mode, now you can reverse this process.

Auto-pinging allows you to tell a search engine "HEY! I've updated my site, here is the link!"

JSitemap Pro uses the Pingomatic web service.  Ping-O-Matic is a web service to update different search engines when your contents has changed and need to be indexed

In our case, we updated the extension with the latest release and all was resolved - so I hope if you're facing similar issues you might get to the bottom of them a little bit quicker with this information!

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