Ethical people, ethical technology

Virya means a driving force or energy to do good for the benefit of others - we are in business to give back to the world

We operate to an ethos statement which clearly lays out our aims, ethics and core values.

We feel it's important to set our values front and foremost in the way we run our business.  It applies to everything we do, from our conversations with one another in the office to our interactions with clients, suppliers and partners.

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Marco Dings Chief Technology Officer

Marco is a long-time technology professional based in the Netherlands, who cut his teeth in the early 90's writing his own Content Management System for his employer.  

He eventually got fast-tracked into a management position where he was responsible for a team of consultants and software developers for embedded systems - the software which runs our TVs, video games consoles and phones to name but a few.

After starting his own business in software and consultancy, Marco decided to focus on web development using Joomla and formed a joint venture with Ruth Cheesley in 2013 to become co-founder and technical director of Virya Group.

Don’t do what I say, do what I want!

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

20 cups per week

Listening music

5 tracks per month

Tweeting friends

1 tweet per week (if you're lucky!)

Ruth Cheesley Chief Executive Officer

Lover of all things geek, Ruth is an Open Source evangelist and has the nickname of the 'Magpie' in the office ... anything new and shiny is irresistible!  Having a background in healthcare and data analysis, Ruth started her first business developing Joomla websites back in 2007.  She loves travelling and meeting people around the world, sharing her love for technology and passion for Open Source. Ruth is based in our Ipswich office - her main areas of expertise are in technical SEO and marketing.

If you aren't measuring it, you don't know it

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

8 cups per week

Listening music

150 tracks per day (mostly ABBA!)

Tweeting friends

23,390 words per week

Chiara Aliotta Creative Director

Chiara Aliotta has many years of experience in art direction, brand development and illustration. She has created innovative designs for brands like Joomla, Vodafone, Nivea, Persol, NH Hotel, Osram, and many others. 
Her work is extremely creative, emotionally involving, detail-obsessed, and rich with colorful illustrations that come from her imaginary world. She describes herself as a typography addict and lover of colors. 
Chiara blogs about the beauty of typography, the importance of good design and her life as a designer. She is also a public speaker and always thinking up new ways to grab the audience’s attention with her unique style. 
When she is not busy designing innovative products for her clients, you can find her waiting for a flight to some sunny destination, swimming in the Aegean Sea, capturing typography in the city with her camera, or spending her free time at home, snuggling with her cat, Kissa.


“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” ~ Albert Einstein

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

5 mugs of tea per day (preferably with a Stroopwafel on top!)

Listening music

60 new tracks every week

Tweeting friends

Only tweeting about design… and her cat.

Yiota Ziaggou Lead Front-End Developer

Yiota Ziaggou is a really talented developer who specialises in Joomla!. She has worked with clients including “The Mall Athens”, “Impact Wrestling”, “” and many more. She also has experience in Joomla templating and provides smart solutions to all tasks in hand.

She is extremely reliable, precise and determined person. The way she manages projects, writes fast and clean code, and also deals with support and training for clients is remarkable.

Yiota is also a proud mother of a smart, beautiful girl, Mariaelena and most of her time is consumed by her and her husband doing multiple activities such as drawing, playing, going to the theater.

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live. ~ Martin Golding

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

14 cups per week

Listening music

10 tracks per day

Tweeting friends

not that often

Audrey Butcher Office Administrator

Audrey is our part-time PA Administrator at Virya Group, playing an integral role organising travel and events, performing general administrative tasks, handling customer and company accounts, invoicing and banking.

Audrey has many interests, but her main loves are singing and music (being an entertainer in her own right) and motorbikes. Our own little rockstar!

She has a spiritual outlook on life, believing that life is a journey, with opportunities to learn

'What is meant to be, will be - life is what you make it, what happens to you does not define you, it's how you deal with it'.

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

Coffee?! At least 8 cups of good English tea per day thanks!

Listening music

Singing to herself (and anyone else in the vicinity) most of the time!

Tweeting friends

Uh, isn't that what birds do?!

Mike Nunn

Mike Nunn Systems Administrator

Mike is a techie at heart, having come from a background of working with BT and recently working for The Karuna Trust as their IT manager.  Mike helps oversee our Linux servers, alongside supporting the development team with some ninja Docker skills!  He can often be found tinkering with PHP and Javascript and has a bit of a thing for motorbikes!

Don’t worry about people stealing an idea. If it’s original, you will have to ram it down their throats.

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

3 cups per day

Listening music

15 tracks per week

Tweeting friends

Uh, twitter?

Charlotte Johns

Charlotte Johns HR Advisor

Charlotte is our HR advisor - being Dual Qualified as a Solicitor and Barrister, Charlotte has over 14 years experience as an employment law and HR specialist.

Charlotte supports the management team in our ethical and values based approach to people management and problem solving.

In her spare time Charlotte enjoys visiting the gym (mainly for coffee) and walking the family puppy with her children.

“The future depends on what you do today” ~ Gandhi

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

A lovely latte always hits the spot!

Listening music

Absolute 80s radio until the kids switch it to Kiss FM!

Tweeting friends

450 words per week

Dan Marks

Dan Marks Web Development Apprentice

Dan is our Web Development Apprentice at Virya Group, working through his technical training and getting more involved with both front-end and back-end development.

He has a keen interest in PC gaming, and has written several mods for Minecraft, alongside a personal project for tracking health of roleplaying game characters.  

Dan also has pretty much every Star Wars lego model available adorning his monitors in the office!

It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations

Office Statistics

Drinking coffee

6 cups per week

Listening music

46 tracks per day

Tweeting friends

Mostly about his RPG apps!

Team up for ethical causes

At the core of what we do, is to be able to give back to the world in whatever way we can - which we call 'Dana'.  This roughly translates to 'generosity'.

Sometimes this is through giving of our time and knowledge, other times we make financial donations and offer dana-based contract to charitable causes - check out our progress to date this financial year!

Read more: Ethical mission

Data to date
£ 2043
£ 12000

Trusted by users all over the world

We contacted Virya after being given 48 hours notice to resolve a spam issue on one of our servers. As the email came in while we were in Germany, it was difficult to deal with the problems on the go but Virya took control of the situation and managed to get all of our clients moved from our now-offline server to a brand new box and have everyone fully operational again within a few days of initial contact.

Ad-hoc Linux server support client

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